Saturday, January 13, 2007

Intelligent Strength

Collectively we are fools and collectively we doom ourselves. Individually we are intelligent but individually we are weak. The middle ground lies somewhere.

Imperial Bias

It is ironic that in this age nations are bigger than ancient empires, while imperialism in name is out of favor. The next time you hear an American self-righteously condemning imperialism, ask him his opinion about secession.

Idealist? Me?

The target of this rebellion is not idealism but universal morality. There is a difference. Idealism cannot claim to exist without universalism, but the latter can claim, albeit falsely, to exist without the former. The many who have abandoned idealism in theory would never think to give up universalism. The universal has been leading a charmed and inviolate life.

Creation and Transformation

Because we are unable to create energy, we are unable to create wealth. The “creation of wealth” is the value extracted during the transformation of energy from useful to irreversibly useless.