Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Necessary for Existence

A simple human error is to believe that something is true only when people believe it. On the other hand it has never been necessary for our existence that people believe what is true.


cakephatt said...

If someone believes it is necessary for a physical exisistence, say, in an alternate world, to end one's life, wouldn't it be necessary to know the truth? If nobody knows the truth, isn't it truth itself? Truth is created and defined by humans and the way they enact with their enviorment. If I was the only man alive, and, say called a flower a speakraphone, but I still knew it was a thing with petals and a stem, ect, would that not be a speakraphone? You are a brilliant human being, and it is a shame more people don't know about you.

Nature's Rebel said...

You are very kind.

Truth is a difficult thing to discuss all at once. I will try to develop my perception of it more as I progress.