Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Local Act

It is the goal of our society to give us a sense of fear and awe before its ideals. How well does it succeed? Do you find yourself for instance, in your attempts to achieve local social acceptance, casually upholding and promoting the ideal of universal equality? If so, do you do it because you actually believe in it? Do you understand why? How intimate are you with your own inclinations?


Gopher said...

I believe society de-sensatises use to our own inclinations so we behave in a way that is acceptable and equal without knowing or wondering why we do.

Nature's Rebel said...

- desensitizes us to our own inclinations -

We may have to work out the spelling of that first word, but this is an important idea. I completely agree, but I'm not sure I've ever thought about it from this direction. Taking the sensation itself away! How do you think society accomplishes this, because I agree that it does in a sense, but I think it redirects it, like a charge of electricity (pardon the metaphor), rather than eliminates it. I think there's some law out there that says an inclination cannot be destroyed, only reformed.

Gopher said...

I need to start spell checking. **insert excuses here**

I like the idea it redirects it and the idea that inclinations cannot be destroyed.

Maybe it works in a similar method to aversion therapy where you're being programmed through interaction via a stimulas, albeit subconsciously.