Saturday, November 18, 2006

An Olympic Sport

You can talk all you like, but I suspect that you are nothing but an insignificant spectator. The game that will determine what we are as a species is being played only by those, like Richard Dawkins, with natural talent and the motivation to develop that talent into an intimidatingly muscular condition.


brainmarket said...

Is Dawkins' "God Delusion" book any good?

Nature's Rebel said...

I just got it. I've read four of his other books, and I read every article about him that I come across. I've watched his film documentary The Root of All Evil, and I also recently attended two of his lectures, in one of which he read extensive passages from The God Delusion. It's certainly thought-provoking and won't leave you feeling indifferent about it. Dawkins forces you either to agree with him or to come up with strong reasons why you disagree with him. It's an exercise in logical argumentation.