Friday, November 04, 2005

Truly Trapped

What makes philosophy fascinating to me is not so much in what way each philosopher was right, as it is in what way he was misleading, especially when his traps are now generally accepted as truths.


Nimiwey said...

Do you think you are misleading in any way?

Did you have a good Halloween? Kids to take trick or treating?

brainmarket said...

Don't forget guy fawkes night tomorrow (november 5th).

Nature's Rebel said...

I am misleading in a way, but only because persuasion requires it to an extent. In order to persuade people of something they don't believe or especially of something they would reject out of hand, you have to start by securing their confidence. You do this by establishing premises that you know they will agree with. Then you lead into the controversial areas, logically step by step, and suddenly they find themselves "believing" something they didn't think possible, or at least questioning their former beliefs. The reason I don't believe I am ultimately misleading is that I feel what I am tyring to persuade is true, whereas the western psyche is now long since persuaded of things that are not true. I am trying to undo that.

Halloween was a lot of fun, trick or treating and all that sugary stuff.