Monday, November 07, 2005

Uniform Chaos

A physical system as it ages becomes less changeable, less varied, more blended, and more uniform. These are symptoms of growing disorder, increasing degeneration, advancing deterioration, and blossoming chaos.


Nimiwey said...

I believe chaos is blossoming in present day American society and has been since the 60's.

The more liberty, the less freedom.

Nature's Rebel said...

I am surprised by this comment, pleasantly. In the minds of most, liberty and freedom are synonyms. I read this to mean that the definition of liberty as most people see it is not in fact synonymous with freedom and that the lack of restraint gained in the 60s, which many applaud, has become a hindrance. If that is what you mean, I completely agree. The 60s have given us a socially mandated freedom that has become oppressively restrictive.