Saturday, December 10, 2005

What is the Subject?

A thought that is not directed by an accepted paradigm of thinking, if committed to an accepted vocabulary and syntax, will make as much sense to its readers as a sentence written in a language that they do not know.


Gopher said...

I tend to agree, accept that a language we do not know can be understood if taught effectively or if we can decypher it.

However, maybe we can only decypher what we already relate to, even if in a somewhat subconscious sense.

Realm Knight said...

Only if the person communicating the new thought lacks the ability to use the accepted vocabulary and syntax to accurately describe and teach the new thought to those that wouldn't understand it in its simplest form. The thought may not be confined to the current language, but usually can be pointed to in [at least] an indirect manner so as to communicate the meaning of the thought if not the thought itself.

Nature's Rebel said...

Gopher, your remark about relating to something on a subconscious level is perceptive. Knight, it is the ability to reach this level, I think, that burdens the one trying to communicate an unparadigmed (intentionally ugly word) thought. There is also a bit of faith involved, that is, that the receptive subconscious is in fact there.

6:02 AM